Planning a Web Site for your business

You should have a good business plan before designing a website. Business plans typically detail the short and long-term goals of your business. If you want a great relationship with your customers, try to find answers to these questions.
The Intention of your site
Audience for your site
Your ultimate goals with the site

Develop a good mission statement for your website, so that your customers will be attracted to your website through your mission statement. Mission statement should include ex: The intent of my site is to promote my ex: specific product or service. The site provides a description of my services, qualifications and background, interests, and complete contact information.

When you have strong understanding and plan for your website in place, you’re ready to step through the creation of a small business site for promotions.

For ex: You may be conducting cooking classes. Your web site should include the following pages.
Home page
About yourself
Getting in touch

You will need a text editor to create your website. There are free editors that come with your operating system (Note Pad for windows and Simple Text for Macintosh). You can buy a software package that will help you easily build your website. Ex: Microsoft FrontPage or Macromedia Dreamweaver. Adobe Photoshop is an image editor which will help you do lot of graphic work. Thirdly you need an FTP client. FTP client is the software that allows you to move your documents to your web server.

Just a small knowledge of HTML will be enough for you to add and modify content of your website. Create a site template by saving a new page. You’ll open this template, change the files as need. To add a header and paragraph text, simply highlight any existing text that you do not want and type the new content. You can add any images you have by manually entering the code for the image. It is that simple.

It is very important to keep in mind that your customers will judge your business from the presentation of your website.

One thought on “Planning a Web Site for your business

  1. Bryan Baker

    I’m reading posts about websites today because I’ve been building my own recently. As you said, “customers will judge your business from the presentation of your website.” is a site that allows website owners/authors to give advice to each other. My site is

    Would you mind giving me some advice on my website? If you have time, thanks a lot.

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