Getting traffic to your website

I discussed about planning your website earlier. It isn’t enough. There is much more. For your customers to view your website, it should be submitted to popular search engines. As you might know, a search engine is a database of websites that has been created with software that crawls through the World Wide Web looking for new websites and indexing them. A search engine is actually the tool that a website such as Yahoo or Google employs to enable people to search its index for websites, images, words or phrases. Registering with search engines is one of the most effective ways of making it easy for people to find your website.
Many search engine directories, like Yahoo, are organized into categories, and allow you to register your site in multiple categories. It takes time to register your website with the most popular search engines but usually it is free. There are two methods you can register your website. You can either register it yourself or give it to a private company to register it for you.
It takes several steps to register your website.
· Firs of all compose a descriptive sentence (usually up to 25 words) that summarizes your site’s content. This sentence should be simple, in plain English, and state the main contents of the website.
Identify the most popular search engines that allow you to register your site with them.
Log on to their sites, locate the online registration area and complete the instructions – and you will probably be asked to use the sentence you composed in step 1 above.
Computer indexing websites like Google will find your website and index them according to the contents they find. Make certain that your website has a title and description on your homepage that the search engines can easily pick up and index.
Yahoo has a fine indexing system according to keywords.
When indexing using computer indexing search engines it is more effective to provide them the contents on your site in a structured manner that they could easily recognize. This is done by inserting the HTML code containing Meta tags that describes your site. Meta tags will help your site to be on top rank as possible. This does not mean that your site will be ranked on top in all search engines but it will still help. Meta tags are only seen by the crawlers that are sent out by some search engines. They are not seen by your users.
The basic tags that should be on your website are
Title tags providing the title of your website must be up to six words.
Description tag: 25 word sentence that describes your site.
Keyword tag: a list of the key words that describe your site’s content and words most likely to use by the users of the search engine.
Any one can see the Meta tags by simply accessing the site, if using internet explorer, click on View in the top menu bar and then click source. If using Netscape simply click View and then Page source.
Check your website to make sure it contains Meta tags that you want to include such as title, description and keywords. Contact your webmaster and get the HTML added to your web page. Meta tags can be automatically created by web publishing software.

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