Creating meta tags to increase your ranking

Search engines and directories are powerful online marketing tools as I mentioned earlier. They search the web on their own finding web pages to add to databases of listing. Understanding how they work and how to use them for the best results is very important. You just have to increase your ranking when it goes down.

Hundreds of WebPages are submitted every day. This is why you should be alert. Even you get a higher ranking it would move down with the new pages added every day. Follow up is really important. When your sites ranking goes down you should again submit it to the search engine. This will keep you going.

I discussed about meta tags in my early article. Meta tags are HTML codes that contain tags describing the content of your website. Start your text editor or HTML editor. Add your meta description and keywords to a page. Follow the link to identify the process.
Description should be twenty words or less clearly defining what your website and goals are.

Now enter the key word code. You have to select your key words carefully. Try to avoid key words that everybody would use otherwise the competition will be really high. Think carefully if you are a web browser for this particular category, what word you would be using frequently and rarely. Balance them. This is a crucial step in getting your website easily available to browsers. Click here to understand the process.

Remember not to repeat key words. Using one key word more than once is abuse.
Just submit your URL. Crawlers can locate other pages when they detect the main page links. Avoid multiple submissions of pages that will disqualify you from the listing.

After submission of your website just keep a follow up. With hundreds of websites being submitted daily, your websites ranking will go low. Then you have to re-submit your website.

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