Marketing your website

E-mail marketing.

More and more e-mails are used to market e-business. People are becoming crazy with e-mail marketing. Instead of door to door selling I would send a representative e-mail.
Will my e-mail representative be able to earn me some bread and butter? Will I be able to impress my customers with my representative e-mails?

Any e-commerce website should include an e-mail promotion system. It should be professional otherwise your visitors will take you as a nuisance. Naturally a business person will ask his customers what they need and their opinion about your service. If your allow customers to leave a comment in your website you will be letting the customer feel that you cared and want to give a quality service. If the customers are satisfied with you they will re- visit your website. Without forcing the customer with pop up buttons just leave a place in your website for the customer to subscribe to your monthly e-mail newsletter. People who leave a comment should be sent a thanking e-mail for their opinion. This improves your chance of doing more business with them. Send the customer a feed back or thanking e-mail for his opinion.

Why become an e-mail pest?

How many times do we get angry at telemarketers who pester us and forcefully try to sell their phone services? If you send your salesperson everyday to your customer’s doorstep how tired they will be? Apply it to yourself and think. Do I like e-mail sellers filling in my e-mail space hording it with unwanted rubbish? I get e-mails from so –called internet gurus. I hate them. Some times I expect an important e-mail and this stockpile of rubbish is there. I am afraid to delete them at once because I might miss the one I am waiting for. So I think this is my e-mail and open it. Oh! Another pest! I get really depressed with them and I hate people who send them. Will your customers stay on with you if this happens to them? Never!

There are so called e-mail blasters and lot of blasters all around internet. After undergoing lot of harassment with these e-mail pests or blasters. I am cautious now. I never leave my e-mail number with a site that seems to be like forcing me to give my e-mail address. During my immature days, one site was giving a free e-book and promising lot of fluff. The Shylok asked me my e-mail address to direct me to the sacred book closet. There was another guard. He asked me to enter my e-mail address again to direct me to the next room. There was another and another and I never got my e-book I just gave lot of people my e-mail number and got spammed right away. People I never did business with were sending me e-mails promoting their rubbish. Most frustrating of all is some e-mails you even cannot unsubscribe. I am not hundred percent yet but I know how to be aware of these spam.

Please don’t frustrate your customer with regular e-mails. Just send them your monthly newsletter and when needed a thanking e-mail. Customers will think of you as a good business person than any other. So guys! Keep sending e-mails but NO SPAM PLEASE…….!

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