Marketing your business locally

This is one of the most effective ways of marketing. You can put a classified add on your local news paper. Some community newspapers do not charge you for advertising. Lot of readers tend, to take a look at these small community newsletters because they are curious to know what is happening in their naber hood. A small description of your business, your telephone number and web URL will do the work.

I got a brilliant idea recently. I went to a local Indian grocery store. Lot of people from various cultures visits the store to buy spices and Indian food items. There was a notice board on the side wall. My husband spotted an advertisement stating Cooking classes. Out of curiosity we went there to take a look. The advert contained these words. “Indian cooking classes, Special recipe every day” and it also included the names of the recipes she will be teaching at her class. She has written her telephone number and website there. She also included “If you are interested please go to my website and place a booking”.

We went to her website. It contained some free recipes, her charges and her e-mail for bookings. We gave her a call just to enquire. She told us that her advertisement went well and she was able to collect lot of people interested in learning Indian cooking. This gave her the opportunity to sell some of her cook books to her students who were interested in buying them.

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