Alternative Online Trading Methods-CCNow

Some merchants do not wish to undergo the trouble of marketing and promotions. If you are one of them, there are services suitable for you. These services will retail the products for you while managing your account transactions.

If you wish to proceed in this direction, you have to do some research on these systems and choose a one that suits your needs. I will take CCNow as an example to give you a rough idea how it works. Remember you have to select a method most suitable and trustable for you. Do some research before selecting any method.

These companies will give you an HTML code to paste in your website. The HTML code provides a connection for online shoppers to select products to purchase, and add them to a virtual shopping cart provided by that company. Online shopper enters billing and shipping information to complete the sale. The retailer company CCNow, acts as your retailer by selling the merchandise to the consumer while simultaneously buying the merchandise from you. Their retail margin includes shopping cart system administration, online payment processing, Reporting, merchandising tools, customer service functions, and fraud and risk management. Every thing is already done for you.

After the shopper’s order has been processed, CCNow sends you a pending order notification email. Your business ships the item directly to the online shopper. You should mark the order as shipped in your CCNow account to complete the process.

Usually, CCNow sends one email message to the shopper after an order has been placed. Another email will be sent to the shopper once you mark the order as shipped. To maintain good communication with the online shopper, you can send an email to the shopper with the additional shipping details and a reminder that the charges will be billed by CCNow. For product Inventory tracking, CCNow will provide a basic inventory tracking system by product ID.

Your shoppers can use a variety of credit cards and PayPal with Companies like CCNow.
They charge you a rate for Retail margin, One-time new account set up fee, monthly fee and a Payment fee (per payment). These fees can vary.

CCNow will charge you a retail margin of 4.99% of gross sales plus $0.50per transaction and one time account set up fee $9.95. Monthly fee of $9.95 will be charged from you only if your gross sales are less than $100.00, otherwise this fee will not be charged. Payment fee will be charged for international Wire transfer or mailed check. This is usually $15.00for a wire transfer and $5.00 for a check.

One thing you must remember is each of these companies has their rules and regulations. With CCNow, you cannot place orders on behalf of customers, nor allow anyone to place orders on a customer’s behalf. Customers must place orders themselves through the CCNow Site. Beyond this there are other terms and conditions you must check before registering with any company.

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