E-Mail Marketing goes down.

E-Mail prices have dropped down in a significant way recently. Most companies had to decrease their prices due to rapid increase of e-mail marketing services and the very low response they got from the targeted groups.

Marketers are increasingly willing to try non traditional advertising methods such as local news papers, announcement boards and word of mouth. Surveys have proved that consumers regularly gave advice on products, and word of mouth has proven to be real cheep. If your product is quality and you offer something extra with it, word of mouth will work for you.

Majority of customers who bought online preferred to check the seller’s review while very few sellers made reviews available to customers. Lot of sellers did not offer customer reviews in fear of the harm that could cause by a negative review. Despite the negative reviews that some products received, most consumers were inclined to purchase many of these items because the item suited very specific needs or because the item received positive feed back from other experts.

Most consumers preferred to see both positive and negative reviews. Forecasts say that more that 80% of the reviews were positive and the few negative reviews were generally helpful for the consumers. This indicates that consumers appreciated hearing both pros and cons while shopping. If you are doing good business you do not need to be afraid of negative reviews. Customer reviews might help you improve your way of business and also your customers will keep coming back to you.

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6 thoughts on “E-Mail Marketing goes down.

  1. surjit

    Do you think purchases made through internet are still safe,inspite of the fact that many frauds have started taking place and many people have suffered losses either because of spurious products they received or received nothing against their money.

  2. Dawud Miracle

    I think this is a great sign. Blogging and other community-based, cooperative efforts are replacing interruption marketing. With RSS, for instance, readers have far greater control over what they want to read and when then by having their life (and work) interrupted by someone’s email ad – and that’s assuming it’s not spam.

    Let’s keep moving away from using email and focus on RSS and Microformats.

  3. Mahesha Iddagoda

    Thanks Surjit for your valuable comment. Yes there are lots of fraudulent activities going out there. But if you buy from a reputed company your purchase is safe. I do not recommend middle men and new just start and go business.

  4. Mahesha Iddagoda

    Thanks Dawud Miracle, I appreciate your encouraging comments. Professional bloging with advertising should be more improved. I do not like e-mail marketing either.

  5. laling

    Hi Mahesha,am agree about this,seriously I don’t like receive email with another agenda behind..blabla buy this..It’s disturbing.One thing is about testimonial internet marketers put in..so sweat everything good even just launch yesterday..weird and curious with picture their embed there..mmm don’t know why all marketers use this approach of style

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