Are you a good manager?

If you are a business owner or manager with people working under you, how would you handle crisis. You have to know and understand your employees. A good manager always recognizes hard working employees. Remember to drop an encouraging word to them. You never know the positive effect it will have on your employee. Positive management practice is always worth than the negative management practices.

There is bound to be disagreement between employees. Some are really trouble makers. Some are happy with their job and bend in any direction suitable to them. There are lots of different people to handle. During some management training courses, they really teach managers to meditate because meditation helps to be positive minded, non judgmental, analytical and not to be angry (anger management).

If somebody is causing trouble in the workplace, just do not judge that person at that instant. Try to understand the root of the problem and then decide the best solution. Identifying problems at their very start is a real skillful management tactic. It is lot better to understand the problem and solve it at the beginning stage than before going too far.

A skillful manager never takes either praise or criticism to hart. Look at things without attaching your self to praise or criticism. Always observe your employees behavior and try to understand them. If somebody needs a word of praise, just give it to him. A good manager is always able to give a positive feedback of an employee who is really good at work even if the person is able to do the work better than you. If you go to compare your ability with another person’s ability, you cannot become a successful manager, because you never will give a chance to a person who has more skill than you. Some people are like that even if they are the owners of the business. The result is them loosing a valuable employee.

In times of a problem, or if you think you need to give advice to an employee, never use aggressive methods. First try to find out his problem, advice the employee in a very nice manner while praising him for some work he has done. Always look at your employees in a positive manner without attaching yourself to any of them. Attaching means both positive and negative attachments. This way you will be able to look at your employees as an outsider. An outsider is bound to see things clearly.

Encourage refreshing activities like having a special day for enjoying. Send your employees to refresher courses. Your employees will like you more. And they are bound to work harder. Every kind word you speak will have a positive impact on employees and will positively affect the company and also every negative or bad word spoken will have a negative effect on the company.

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2 thoughts on “Are you a good manager?

  1. surjit

    An artcle of utmost importance for todays managers.But I think one requires all these qulities every where while dealing with family members,friends,relations etc.My good wishes.

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