Are you a good blogger?

Bloging is a very cheap way to market your business. Bloging can be more effective than e-mail. You can select several advertising methods to market your business. Bloging, I consider as an unconventional marketing method just like word of mouth and local advertisement boards, yet it can be a very useful revenue generator if you do it the right way.

Write a good article about your business or your marketing venture. But do not go directly to your topic. Make it a good informative article. Use key words and link them to your product. If you use the same key word again and again, the article will not sound a good informative one. Readers are not stupid to understand that you do not intend to give a real good article, but you simply want to market your product.

Think about your target audience and then plan your article. What this means is, unless you have some news that would upstage an Australian win in World Cup Soccer or the discovery of a fail safe slimming formula, you are going to fight for every printed word.

Even an excellent story may miss the boat if it’s not presented the right way, for example, if it’s too long, sounds like an extended advertisement, there’s no contact number or e-mail for follow up or the real news is buried in the second last paragraph.

Here are some tips to give your story the best possible chance of catching a busy reader’s eye.

  1. Make sure you really have something to say. Readers are not interested in your everyday activities, or seeing you pat yourself on the back. You’ll be ignored even when you have a genuine story.
  2. Target your story, read newspapers and articles and this will give you some idea of how to write a targeted article.
  3. Have a headline that is both informative and eye catching.
  4. Write your article in one-sentence paragraphs, with one thought or point to each paragraph.
  5. Arrange the paragraphs in descending order of importance. The first few should give your busy readers an idea of whether it’s worth reading on.
  6. Be careful how you use your company’s name. Keep it out of the first paragraph and don’t use it too often or your article will sound like advertorial. You need to convey that your story is of public interest, not just in your interest.
  7. If you are not a good writer, higher a freelancer to do it for you.

Submit your blog to traffic sites to generate traffic to your story. My bloglog is a highly recommended site I like best. Registering in Technorati and other traffic sites will give you a good reader community. Always research each site and select the best site that interests you.
Try this formula and see the results, it’s worth a try.

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It’s a website, silly.

4 thoughts on “Are you a good blogger?

  1. Dawud Miracle

    I’m finding that the key to having a successful blog is well-written, engaging content. Focus on content first – then reach out.

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