Safeguard your company’s network

Take control of your businesses identity management and don’t let the identity of your users remain a mystery.

Today with the increasing demand for work being done on time, lot of companies have a network system, which can be accessed from anywhere. Most CIOs have head aches being called on to prove that they know what their users are up to simply due to lack of control procedure to manage identities. If safety measures are not taken at appropriate levels, sensitive information can go out and may cause even bankruptcy. That is why identity management (IDM) is an essential part of risk prevention in your business.

Your business might want to give certain access to your employees, contractors and customers at any where at any time. Yet even with the trusted employees can break regulatory compliance rules if the correct approvals aren’t sought. It is really important that your network must be well secured.

Your Accounting system or Account’s information should only be accessed by people in the Accounting department and not by the sales department or contractors. Even within your accounting department if there are several people working in one department, each person must have a secure ID and no other person should be able to access that information.

For example I know a company who did not manage their secure server system. There Design department had real problems with people accessing other peoples work and changing them, and even putting their names on other peoples designs. Imagine what this might cause in the production department, and material wastage that might occur when people try to access others information and nobody is going to be responsible for a mistake. This can lead to employee dissatisfaction and feel less responsible and later if this leaks out, the company may loose their clients.

Setting up a proper IDM can benefit your business in reducing your costs and boosting your productivity. First understand the employees and their work area in your business. Next step is to secure management information found in the various sources. Both these steps require you to build and enforce standard policy models within your business.

Automate the process of accessing information by letting each person to self register to access data. This reduces your cost of password setting and recovering fees. Then you can breath easily, your information flow is well designed. Each end describes the process smoothly. You can face the auditors with ease and why not even take a holiday.

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