Improve your sales by link building

Link building is another effective way of promoting your website. Before starting your link building strategy, there is a lot of background work to be done and there are several methods you can use to be successful in this strategy. Always adapting multiple strategies to market your product will give you the best result.

Write articles with good content using key words

Write an article with good content that will attract a reader. And your article should contain key words relating to your product. If you use a keyword directory for this, it will have a better effect. But if you are a very skillful marketer you do not need a keyword directory. If you are marketing Accounting software, better not use the keyword ‘software’. It is too broad to give you a good effect in search engines. Key words Accounting and Software will give you more specific exposure.

Search websites that has good content and lot of links to them. Google ranks websites according to link popularity.Even if a website does have lot of links, be careful. It should be related to your specific area e.g. Computer Software and more specifically Accounting Software, Office Software.: if you search communities and websites that have good content and links, ask them for a link to your article. If they think it interesting and will benefit their readers, they will link to you.

Link your article

Link your article to relevant sites with lot of links. There are times that these sites are also searching for links and if they like your content, they will back link to you. This method takes time to reap fruit. The reality is that many people are disappointed with the small amount of traffic that their efforts produce.

Assess your linking strategy

Step back a bit and re-assess your linking strategy. Are you really giving enough thought to your strategy? First of all you have to understand that link building is not about CEO, boosting your Google Page rank or publishing a link directory and it is not about swapping links with as many other websites as possible.

What should be done for a maximum return?

Link building is about establishing your competitive position in the online marketplace that already exists, around your industry sector. Your potential customers usually research through search engines. They scan directories, articles, engage in discussion groups, will read product reviews and evaluate competitors. The sites your online customers hang around should be your place. These are the target sites for your link building strategy.If you are in the software market, you should go to software portals. If it is accounting software you want to promote, then you should go further inside the niche to Accounting software.Do not go to every niche. Look for about three or six significant niches. From those, target your amount of sites.

Let’s say your target is 100 sites, concentrate your effort on these 100 sites. Not more.There is no better method than developing good content in your site. Every word you write should be aimed at your product, skillfully directing your customer to read your content. This is skilful marketing. Longer the customer remains in your site, the more possibility of a sale.Your site’s content should be well written and need to be accessible to search engines. That means being aware of the words that people will use looking for your products and including those words into your titles and descriptions, headings and subheadings, and definitely in your linking texts. Try this and see the results.

There is another article waiting to be published on this subject. I will publish it soon. Till then enjoy your links.

You can get more information by reading 21 tactics to increase blog traffic by Randfish.

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