How to attract clients by speech

I have been writing about networking and link building a lot. This time I am writing a different kind of business article about how to attract a client by art of speech.

When you go to a business meeting, the first time you enter there you might feel a bit nervous. This might be a big opportunity to build a relationship and a secure future. You might be meeting business contacts everyday. and through telephone, you might be doing this every day, but can you do it better? What are the tricks to preparing for them, starting them and keeping them going?

Smile first
It is important how long you hold it. When you meet someone have a smile on your face and make sure the other person understands that it is for him or her. Do not let the smile disappear as soon as you start speaking with the person. Let it linger for a while and with the topic, leave the smile where it is.

Eye contact
Eye contact is very important. First thing is look in the eyes. There are two main options in eye contact.

Wandering eyes: If your eyes around the room when you are engaged in conversation, it will appear rude. It is appropriate only if you are being harassed by the other party and you want to disengage from the discussion.
Sticky eyes: This is where you maintain constant eye contact with the person and resist the urge to look away. If you do have to book away, then break the contact reluctantly and deliberately. This will give a sense of importance to the other party.

Stop fidgeting
When you are meeting someone for the first time, do not start rubbing and scratching. Keep your hands together and interlock your fingers so they don’t start to play with jewelry or anything else. The less you fidget the more confident you look and you generate more respect and authority.

Be well presented
You have to be decently dressed and well presented according to the place or person you are meeting. Do not wear things that will draw unnecessary attention to your self and scare off everyone in the room.

Likely questions to be asked

Where are you from?” this is a very likely to be asked question. Prepare an answer. You can either state a one word response that accurately describe your locale and hope the conversation moves on, or you can add an interesting comment that might sustain the conversation. Always try to sustain conversation.

“What do I do?” we know that some one will ask this question, and we are also bound to ask the same question from the other person. Be prepared for this. Give your answer some thought. Do not overdo the description. Remember that you are not trying to make your job more than it is; we are trying to find something interesting about it.

What do you do?” now it is your time to ask the question. This sometimes will cause a difficulty for the other person, especially if they feel their job is not interesting or if they are between jobs. You should always ask a question, “How do you spend most of your time?” This will take a lot of risk out of the answer and allow the other person more flexibility with their response.

Keeps the conversation going

People are always interested in themselves, so if you want to be good at conversation, you need to know how to get them talk about themselves.

When the other person is talking or answering another question, be on the alert for their words of interest. This is a great clue as to what they are really interested in. for example if you were to state, “We had awful weather over the weekend” and the other person replied “ Yes, it was so bad I had to cancel my regular bicycle ride”, you should now start asking questions about their bicycle ride. Always be listening for ‘word pick’.

If you are struggling in a conversation, repeat the last words that the other person has spoken. If someone says to you “Last weak end I went to see a game of cricket”, then you should say “Cricket?” then the words will come to your mind to say some thing about cricket. This way you can keep people engrossed in their own topics. But do not parrot everything.

The best method to maintain a conversation is the use of questions. It is important to ask the right questions. There are two types of questions.
Open questions, where there is a space for a sentence to begin.
Closed questions, where you end with a short yes, or no answer.
Use open questions to keep the conversation going. And use closed question to verify facts and major points.
You will often find situations that where it is up to you to continue the conversation and these are golden opportunities for you and your business. Try these and s

3 thoughts on “How to attract clients by speech

  1. surjit

    All the points mentioned in your write up are a must for survival in to day’s tough competition. Quite useful article.Best wishes.

  2. Himanshu J Sheth

    Hey Mahesha,
    It was a nice read where you have reminded some of the basic fundas which we tend to forget 🙂 The best part of your article was “Always be listening for ‘word pick’” … Hence,if you are not able to take the converasiton further than you just pick a word from the previous line and start the conversation.

    Also,I have added this article to my Spawners for April,2007 and you can check it out

    Your comments are most welcome.


    -Himanshu J Sheth
    (ICopntributor to
    (Blogger at
    (Google Keywords : Himanshu + Sheth)

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