Improve your sales by link building-2

In my previous article I have written about getting SEO by Linking with other sites.
This is the second part of the article describing how you should use your links.

Look at media sites and start your campaign there.

Lot of people visit media sites looking for information – get coverage and link to your site. You will get good traffic to your site plus a percentage of that audience linking to your site because the media site did. This is what I say, (links attract links).

Now you have identified your market sector and a list of 100 link targets, Start with the high profile portals. Go to them and see if they have a ‘submit an article’ page. If they do make sure you use it. It is an easy and valuable way to get coverage and links to your site. Look for reporter bylines and look for contact details. Many sites will publish guidelines on how to submit a release. Remember you should write articles in the specific product range that you are planning to sell.

Issue an online press release.

Media site is almost one to one approach where personal contact is essential. You can have one-to-many approaches by issuing an online press release. This way you submit your release to a newswire and they distribute your news to thousands of journalists and editors on their database. This is a very effective method. is one such media site.

Include your signature as a link to your site.

This is a very powerful method of getting traffic to your site if you can write a really good article. People will be interested in the person who wrote this article. Curiosity will make them click the link and come to your site. Signature should include your name and description including your company name.

Using non media sites

Huge percentage of your links is covered by media sites. These methods are for the left over target links. Non media sites will only link to you if you have been mentioned by an editorial site they respect. Many of these sites may give you one way links, while others will ask for a link back. It makes sense to agree if you are asking the top sites, because links from them is very important to you. Include them in your content, write a short article about them, even recommend them if you have something useful to offer your visitors.

Monitor and evaluate.

Monitoring and evaluating is not simply a matter of counting how many links you manage to get. What is really worth measuring is the benefit those links bring to your business.

At least you should measure:
How much increased traffic comes from links?
Which link brings most traffic?
How much your search engine rank (search engine traffic)
How much your sales increase as a result.

Try this method and analyze your results. Then try other sites that you categorized as less priority. And you can check submitting articles on freelancing sites that is less important. You might get a click here or there that is worth a try.

Offer a free e-book.

Write an e-book on specific product ranges, usefulness and anything that can be related to the product. Include your links on them. Include not only your links but links to other sites as well. You can offer this e-book free to your readers on condition that they use the book only on free distribution and no change in links. Especially ask your other site owners which you have included links in your book, weather they would like to distribute the book as well. They will agree if there are link to them as well. This is also a very effective method. But you really must write the book on specific product range and focusing on specific target audience who will be willing to download the e-book and read reviews on products before they buy. This method is particularly easy to approach other site owners because they too will benefit from your book.

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