Multilevel Marketing is not for me

Some people get rich through this Multilevel Marketing, but an overwhelming majority is not. That is the truth in this fake.

Most of you already know what MLM is. It was MLM that propelled both Herbalife International and, more recently, Equinox International to the top. Usually MLM people know how to lure people into their trap by promising things that people crave for. All of us except those who are enlightened crave for things. The main thing we crave for is Money. Without money we cannot do anything. To earn Money you have to work hard, most people do not like to work hard if they are not passionate about their job. More than fifty percent of us are dissatisfied with our jobs. So it is easy to take advantage of your mental condition, “Earn money while you are sleeping” What a funny thing to say. Yet it makes you more inquisitive, what a wonderful thing, “earn money while sleeping” You keep on reading. Again it says “you can earn a six figure income without spending much money”. That is easy money. People get lured by this type of advertisements.

You then sign up for this program. While signing up you are asked to introduce your friends to this so you could earn a high commission on their sales too. Unlike most businesses, an MLM company pays you a commission not only on your sales but also on the sales of all the people you’ve brought into the network, either directly or indirectly. So if someone you recruit goes out and recruits a bunch of terrific salespeople–and they recruit more terrific salespeople–you stand to make a fortune. In fact, some people do. The more you recruit, the more your commissions will be if they succeed. Unfortunately this is not the fact.

These companies know that most people cannot make it. So why not take the chance and grab some money. They ask you to buy some products ranging $100 or more. “You will be provided with all the training material” that’s what they say in the advertisement. But you finally find out you have to buy the material, so this is the company’s second level of income, not bad they earn a lot because your recruits will do the same and imagine what the earnings of the top most five or six will be. They are surely earning money while they are a sleep.

You are lured more and more without you knowing through their e-mails, free offers, and lot of fancy suggestions that they already know will not work for you. But you still keep going. You spend on PPC campaigns, e-mail campaigns and websites. But how many of you are good at sales and how many of you succeed. The company and people on top know this and they make sure that they earn from you before you drop out.

The successful ones are the exceptions, however. The overwhelming majority of people who come into the network fall by the wayside. MLM uses the method of giving the idea that any one can be a good salesperson. “You need not have a degree or experience, anyone can do this” Well you find out the fundamental falsehood of this after you drop off. At that time you might have probably spent more than $1000. Loosing money is not the end of the problem, by this time you have probably involved your friends and relatives. They have also lost their money, so be prepared to face an angry lot.

Everybody cannot be a good salesperson. MLM companies know this. Most people will never be good enough at selling, let alone take home a six-figure income. To be a good salesperson, you need qualities that you simply cannot get from a tape or a seminar telling you how to connect with people and ability to handle rejection. Most of all you have to enjoy selling. Most people don’t. It is harder than your dissatisfied job with an employer.

Few people actually turn out to be good salespeople. They wind up selling a significant amount of the company’s first product line. What ever the product that’s good for the company is good for them too, particularly those who got in early and stayed with the program. But their success comes at the expense of the other people, who waste their time and money pursuing a goal they can never reach. I find this disgusting.

Anyone who can make millions in MLM can do the same in another type of business, one that doesn’t require you to take advantage of other people. Selling is not this bad and destructive. Good salespeople provide a service to their customers, and not eat them out. They generate the revenues that pay other people’s wages.

A good salesperson can start his or her own business and they don’t need multilevel marketing to get rich.

9 thoughts on “Multilevel Marketing is not for me

  1. surjit

    A wake up call for prospective MLM workers.They must read your post to save their time and money.Good post.Best wishes.

  2. Indiaaa

    I too agree with Mahesha…I am sure the MLM workers to know that they are into a trap. In fact their social network slowly goes haywire. A well written and exposed article.

  3. Bryan Baker

    Good post Mahesha. MLM does require that most of the members not make money in order for the top 10% to make money. It’s actually more like 13.5% but whatever.

    What do you think about DM(direct marketing) companies? I’ve posted a some new contnet on Bryan-Baker Dot Com and would appreciate your comments and any constructive criticism to improve my blog.

    Thanks Mahesha.

  4. Bryan Baker

    I appreciate the honesty in your comment Mahesha. In attempt to shorten the post I didn’t include what you just said, so great addition to this post. While immitating others, learning from their mistakes as well as your own, and still doing your own thing you can become successful.

  5. tentontech

    Great Article, really really true. I can’t stand MLM. In my opinion it just goes to show that people will do anything for money. I know people that have lost more than a $1000 dollars for something like this and gotten nothing in return.

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