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We always talk about how to design a good website. Refer my article on Planning a website for your business.

What I am going to say today is the power of good writing will attract visitors better than many pictures and soapy sales articles. There are lots of business with websites that do not except payments online. They do it via cheque or credit. They even trade internationally. So if you are a new comer and cannot handle all the electronic web payment stuff, just market your website and if people are interested, they will contact you.

A good article in a website and correct key words can make wonders. You have to describe the specific item or service you are offering. You can do it in a very interesting manner. A reader must feel curious about what you are saying and keep reading on. And if it is really interesting, he might then try searching for your specific product or service and you might be able to do a sale. Many websites lack this ability. Almost all websites look the same to many customers. A different website will attract a customer during their search, and that will influence buying.

It should not always be a website. I have seen people doing business with blogs. If you describe your product in a very influential manner interesting to the readers. For example, if you are selling clothing or fashion jewelry, you just have to write some articles very interesting about them. Tell in your article why this fashion is important. Some people like to imitate celebrities, why not tell that a certain celebrity model wore this to that particular party and so on. Check Laling’s blog of Fashion.You have to do some research on your potential customers and write your article according to that. If you are selling uniforms or professional clothing this will not work, they will reject your article immediately.

If you are selling ladies make up kits, little articles on herbal treatments, natural facials, beauty tips and tricks will interest the potential customer. They might not buy at that point. But there is good chances of them keep returning to get new tips from you. Already you are offering free advice to your customers. Keep them encouraged in all the little articles you write by saying I will be back with more tips in my next article. Your frequent customer will tend to buy from you. At this point good customer service is really important. Only a satisfied customer will return to buy from you or refer others to you. Angry and frustrated customers will give negative feed backs about your service. All the time and effort you spent in preparing your website or blog will be of no use if your customers are frustrated. So be prepared at any time for a sales order. Assure your customer how long it will take to process the order and deliver the item. Display your terms and delivery time in your website. If you have a currency calculator it will help your offshore customers to verify their payments.

I have found that daily tarot readings on the web do not influence people very much. They are all the same and people get fed up. Most of the time they lure you into it and then you have to pay for the rest. But if some one tells you what Astrology is and what aryurvedic and holistic medicine has to do with it, will you not be interested in knowing more? You dig further to know what Astrology really means just click here to reed how Dr Teja explains Astrology.

For a beginner a blog will be a wonderful place to promote your service. Just leave your contact details and start doing business. Submit your blog to search engines and blogging communities. And I must say never limit yourself to internet. Just advertise locally and you can get more results. Usually at the beginning a website might not give you the results you expected, but with time it will grow. Satisfied customer recommendations and an up to date website will make your chances in the web grow.

9 thoughts on “Do something different

  1. Villager

    I run a small business incubator here in Cincinnati OH. It is a pleasure to see some tangible discussions on ways that entrepreneurs can use marketing to advance their business goals. I look forward to reading more of your stories in the future.

  2. admin

    i like your order to attract more readers, we should write about unique content..when you say about laling, she try to make new by writing about fashion, and think people esp women will like it..(“,)

  3. Himanshu Sheth

    Hey Mahesha,
    Nice post.The best part of the post is “Starting a business with a blog” and second is “Make the reader to come back to your site”.This is one of the most important thing in any site and many of them lack it.For example:Have a look at,a site with excellent content but organized in a very bad way.
    So,definitely content is the king and will always remain,but how you mould the king is also very important 😉

    (Contributor to
    (Blogger at

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