Testing new methods

Success with an eCommerce website needs lot of thinking and hard work. No doubt advertising is expensive, and you can minimize this cost by link building, Writing articles and submitting them to websites with a link to your website. Affiliate programs and free services can generate huge amount of traffic to your website. Succeeding in this competitive environment is very difficult if your website is not well organized and intentional business creation. Your site should be organized exactly what you want it to be, what kind of visitors you want and what you want them to do. Every thing should be tested to attain maximum efficiency.

Consider how you can provide personal attention to each visitor. Let the visitor develop a unique experience in your website. You can provide free interactive forums in your eCommerce website, free e-books, questions and answers sections which will make the website more interesting to your visitors. Offer these services in return for registering. For e.g. name and confirmation email. This way you provide a service that can impress your visitors. The more value service you offer, the more willing people are to provide their information. Careful structuring can collect information about your registered users which would allow well targeted marketing campaigns. This is a reportedly good way of making friendly relationships with your visitors. Remember, more the visitor stays in your website, more chance of you being able to do a sale.

Always maintain a database of your customers with the purchases they make. This way you can know their personal interests and you can allow personalized purchase suggestions and special offers. It is always better to keep good contact with your existing customers than forcing new customers. Trust and faith of the existing customer is one of your very powerful assets.

It is very important to make it easy for your customers to find the product they desire. Provide a good search facility. Make sure that you have chosen good keys and descriptions. Check that the links from search results to pages work properly and easily.

Always test new methods to improve your chance of doing sales. With careful planning and attention to detail you will be able to make changes that will vastly improve the productivity of your website.

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