Priority Considerations

Starting a business can be very exiting. A successful business will be a good accomplishment in your life. You need not work for someone else any more. With that excitement we tend to miss things that are essential in starting a business. Do not hurry. We all know the feeling of wanting to be there as quickly as possible. Before jumping to the water, you must consider some important things that you should not miss. Most businesses tend to fail because of simply not doing the initial preparations carefully.

It is important that you been able get approval from your bank for possible funding. Because you will need funding for your business sometime or the other, for very few people can do business without funding. Even if you do not need funding, you have to meet the tax and other requirements of the government and other relevant occupational bodies.

Finding the right business for you can be a daunting task. First you will have to organise some research relating to possible opportunities and make sure you can do it. Ask yourself the question can I do this? And what are my abilities when you find a possible opportunity.

Make a list of possible opportunities and check what are the ones that suite you the most.

You have to write your resume and check the relevance of your previous experience to the opportunity.

Are you familiar with the daily operations of this type of business?

Do you have the financial stability for this business? You will have to do some investments to achieve possible income goals.

Ask your self, will this opportunity be a profitable one? Some businesses are profitable only in certain environments and in certain times. How do these apply to your possible business opportunity?

Will you be happy doing this business? You have to consider your personal fulfilment.

What is the risk level and can you manage to face it in a difficult condition.

Will you have sufficient funds to overcome such a situation?

How many hours you need to work in order to succeed in this business?

These questions help you to select possible business ideas. From these business ideas if you have selected the business opportunities that will meet your target, now is the time to check the marketability of the product for each of these business ideas.

Considering your target market, what is the probability of your product being popular?

With the products competing in the target market, you will need to develop an image desired by your possible customers. Think of the possibility of achieving this.

Your product must be able to compete with the prices in the same niche market.

What can you do to keep your prices competitive? If the price is higher than the production cost; you will have no problem with this. If otherwise, you will have to minimise your production costs. And you have to consider how you are going to do this.

Prepare a budget for a set production goal.

How are you going to promote the product? You might need some expenses allocated for your marketing campaign.

Consider the possibility of the products demand in future too. Some products go down in demand with time. Read magazines and articles in relevant areas. Then you know the possibility.

What is the uniqueness of your product to your customers?

Do you have the possible equipment needed to start this project?

If you can afford the development and production of this product, it is worth while trying. The business idea that brings the highest possibility of all these criteria will be the likely business for you.

You have to consider funding, licensing, government rules and regulations.
Write a business plan. This plan should include all the above categories and how you are going to overcome possible situations and what will be the benefit of your business to you and the community. A well presented business plan will no doubt get the approval for funding.

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