Tips to enhance your sales on eBay

There are certain criteria that will increase your popularity as a good seller. To get there it takes time and dedication. There are certain tips and tricks in the web to enhance your sales. If you follow these tips you will be able to win your customer loyalty. Customer loyalty is your key to success. These tips and tricks are as follows.

Take a good picture
A good quality picture can enhance your sales. Better the quality, better chance for a sale. Before uploading the image, take a look at it and ask yourself if I see this picture listed, will I be tempted to investigate? A good picture is one thing that will start earning the trust of your customers.

Clearly list the item
Describe the item in short sentences. Use bullet points. Do not make your bullet points into paragraphs. This will confuse the customer and draw attention away. Use bold and underlining only when necessary.

Be truthful and state the condition of the item clearly
Your customer will always trust you once satisfied. If you are selling an item that includes additional accessories, be sure to mention that. If you are selling software or related product, make sure you describe in what type of programmes it is compatible with. Always keep your tone positive and buyers will trust that their business with you will be positive.

Clearly state your terms and conditions
Always state your return policy. If your policy is no returns, put that in your return policy. Always win your customer by stating the truth. Do not hide anything. State the payment method. If your price includes the shipping cost, say no shipping cost. If you have not included the shipping cost, state that shipping cost will be added. And include a shipping cost calculator of some kind so that your customer will not get a shock when they see the final cost.

Include a currency calculator
A currency calculator is very helpful to calculate the actual amount a customer will be spending on his or her currency. Put yourself in the customer’s shoes and sure you will be really happy and confident to do a purchase.

Include shipping details
As described above; include the shipping cost, include the carrier that you are willing to use and describe whether you wish to insure the item or not.

Be flexible on payments
Always make sure that you provide multiple options of payments like PayPal, Cheque, Money order, Credit card and any other methods at your disposal so your customers will be at ease.

Careful packaging and shipping after payment
After making a sale, you have to maintain the customer’s faith. Developed customer faith will bring you sales many times and they will introduce others to your website also. Carefully pack the item and ship it as quickly as possible to reach the customer within the days promised. If your item is broken when it reaches your customer or you fail to deliver in time. This will be a disaster. Higher a good carrier and always take care in delivering the item.

Maintain a friendly relationship with your customer
When dealing with customers, you must always make sure that you send polite e-mails and your communication with the customer is maintained in a friendly manner. Buyers that have good buying experience will leave a positive feedback. Buyers who have had poor buying experience with you will leave a negative feedback and they will never buy from you. So be careful and always maintain a friendly relationship with your customers.

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