What is the most important?

Hi friends, I am a bit busy these days. I am trying to write at least two articles a week.
For the present, I would like to ask three questions. These questions will be important to you in your work and everyday life including business. Please write your answers in the comments area. This is not a challenge; I just want to know your answers. Please feel free to answer these questions

1) What is the most important time?
2) Who is the most important person?
3) What is the most important thing to do?

My good wishes will always be with you.

11 thoughts on “What is the most important?

  1. surjit

    Mahesha,you have put very thoughtful questions and I think answers will differ from person to person.Let me try:
    1. The most important time is ‘Now”
    2. The most important person is ‘You’
    3.The most important thing to do is to always remember HIM while living your life.
    Best wishes.

  2. Andrew

    Mahesha: Thanks for the questions and for the opportunity to comment!

    1) In my experience and education, I have found that time is an interesting suject… the only thing that I have found that makes sense to me re: time is that “NOW” is the only REAL time that exists. You can’t change the past, and you can’t control the future – the only time that you have control over is “RIGHT NOW.” So “NOW” is the most important time.

    2) In the same vein, you can’t control other people – you can only control yourself – so, as surjit says above, “YOU” must be the most important person.

    3) To answer your last question, I am going to reach into my aviation bag of knowledge. As a pilot, the first two questions are a little less obvious, but “RIGHT NOW” is still the most important time – no matter what you are doing, you must “fly the airplane.” Also as a pilot – “YOU” are the most important person… the Pilot-in-command makes the decisions and is the final authority as to the aircraft. And, notwithstanding the above “NOW” being the most important time, the most important thing(s) to do in an airplane are the “next two things.” So whatever you do in life, you are prioritizing – and “THE NEXT TWO THINGS” are the most important things to do. You can’t control the future, but you CAN affect it.

    Sorry for the long comment, but I liked your questions and thought I’d add my two cents.


  3. Mahesha Iddagoda

    Thanks Surjit, for your valuable comment. All of it is true. It is really interesting to know how people feel. I am waiting to know more. Kind Regards

  4. Mahesha Iddagoda

    Thanks Andrew, I really loved reading your comment. It is nice to know how other people think and everybody seems to think alike. Of course, Now is the most important time for a pilot. Good luck and god bless.

  5. Asis

    Really Mahesha, these questions seem trivial to read but so crucial to answer.
    In my opinion.
    today is the most imp time,try to be happy every today.

    person who gets really hurt when u r in problem are the most imp person, so u never ignore them .

    Most imp things is ur duty, for wat u r here .. that u should never forget ..

    please comment my answers!!!

  6. Mahesha Iddagoda

    Really Asis, I agree with you. All your answers are justifiable. And close to my answer too. We are all individuals and each of us feels the same thing in slightly different ways. Some people might have more contradictory answers. Let’s see how others respond. My good wishes.

  7. HimArticles

    Mahesha, you have asked very important question. These are so simple to read but equally difficult to answer. I will try to justify these question:
    1. Every movement is important time.
    2. I am a most important person for me.
    3. Remember to GOD/Prayer is the most important thing for me because HE is the supreme without by the grace of HIM nothing happens.
    Best of luck.

  8. Mahesha Iddagoda

    Thanks Himearticles, for taking some interest in my questions. Your answer is very interesting. Yes every moment is important. My Good wishes.

  9. mbhave

    This is going to sound repetitive but here goes;
    1. Important time: What you are doing when.. Its more to do with the PRESENT
    2. MIP: Its who youare doing the most important thing at present for.. Family (as unit)
    3. MIthing to do: Is your Karma. Do not look or try to find the gift horse..Let it come to you as a miracle for your Karma..DEEDS!

    These are my answers to you.

  10. Mahesha Iddagoda

    Thanks mbhave, for taking time to answer my three questions. You have given really interesting answers. I will soon come back with my answers and link to your blog with them.


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