Are you going to open the store and wait for the customer to walk in?

Taking a business online does not guarantee success more than opening a store and waiting for your customers to walk right through the door. You must identify your customers. There should be a marketing effort. You have to determine customer needs and then develop methods of producing appropriate services and products.

Ask these questions and find answers to them first.
Who are my possible customers?
What do my customers need?
Where are my customers located?
What motivates my customers to buy?
When do my customers buy?

You need to identify marketing trends. You have to change with the changing environment and be prepared to change accordingly.

Branding your product or service is very important. People trust branded product or service than a product or service without proper branding.

Improve your customer awareness of your business by the appearance of your website and its association with desirable traits such as great prices and neat content.

Offer free stuff like e-books, software and offer something free if the customer purchases an item for a certain value. You can also offer gift certificates, prizes and free samples. For items like software, free trial versions will be very effective. But keep in mind that software must not effect other applications in the customer’s computer. Your customer will not return to you if that happens.

Provide how to information, and easy to use help

Ask customer feedback and suggestions about how to improve your service.

Create products designed to customer specification.

Offer an e-newsletter.

Provide each customer with an individual shopping experience.

Maintain a good and friendly relationship with your customers.

Customers will start to walk in through your door if you make the right effort. I wish you the best with your website.

5 thoughts on “Are you going to open the store and wait for the customer to walk in?

  1. Mahesha Iddagoda

    Thanks Villager, for adding me to your favourites. I am happy that you enjoy reading my posts. I am trying to post regularly. But these days I am really busy with my project work. Will be back soon.

    My best wishes

  2. Shannon

    Hello Mahesha,

    Great posting. You offered some really good sound advice. Knowing your customers, your target audience, is one important key to having a successful business. The other key point that I liked was when you said to ask for customer feedback…Asking for customer feedback makes customers feel like they are important to you and once they feel like that, they are more likely to come back to you for future purchases, especially if you use their feedback to make improvements.

  3. Mahesha Iddagoda

    Rightly said Shannon, Customer feedback is very important in developing your business. Thanks for your great insight and I am really happy that you found my post interesting.

    My best wishes

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