Easy to remember domain names

One of the easiest ways to attract visitors to your website is to provide a web address that is short and easy to remember. A domain name is one of the first decisions a company make because the domain name chosen must blend with the service or product that particular company is offering. Top level domain names are dot com domains. Dot com names stand for commercial sites. Other types are .org, .net and .gov. for government.

You will have to come up with several domain names and check their availability before starting your online business. Online investors buy lists of good domain names and resell them at a big profit. These investors buy domain names from Companies who no longer need a web page.

Cyber squatting has become a headache these days. This means registering a company name and then trying to resell it to its lawful owner. Some kind of a presence in the Internet from the beginning is needed to prevent this.

There are other options to make it easy for people to set up a domain name as a cc domain name. Some companies are now purchasing domain names like au-for Australia, ca-for Canada and so on relating to the country of origin.

What ever domain name you purchase, the main thing is, it should be related to what you are doing online and your business. It should represent your business. For example I have a blog named Curry Kitchen. Its URL is ‘kurrykitchen’. If you get a domain name like http://www.kurrykitchen.com , what will you do with it? Will people be able to find you by typing your domain name? They will probably type currykitchen instead of kurrykitchen.

5 thoughts on “Easy to remember domain names

  1. Greg (Mighty Mortgages)

    As more and more domain names are registered I am finding it increasingly difficult to choose one I like that is available. One suggestion I can offer is to use an online thesaurus. This has helped my find substitute words for whatever I was originally thinking.

  2. Mahesha Iddagoda

    Thanks Surjit, your blog will have no problem unless one marketing guru comes. Even then you have a numeber in it. So I think it is ok. Any way that is if you go to business.

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