Prevent people from steeling your content

Recently after loosing my blog I was searching for solutions and reading many blogs on how to prevent content theft. After loosing my Blogger account I started my old wordpress blog again. WordPress seems very difficult to use. But when you follow the tutorials you can get to know it better.

I am still following tutorials and learning. The discussion board is very active and I find it very helpful. Most people using Blogger even after they loose their blog, start a new blog again with Blogger simply because WordPress is difficult. I agree, but give it a try and you will find it very interesting.

I think you fellow bloggers should reed these articles on How not to blog and what do you do when someone steels your content?.

Let’s continue blogging.

3 thoughts on “Prevent people from steeling your content

  1. I am glad Mahesha, you are back. I am having a blog on wordpress too under the same name and I am importing all my posts from BlogLog.
    Thanks for your information on this post.(I will blogroll you now.)
    My best wishes.

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