Shopping Carts

Shopping carts are now a standard component of all online stores. A shopping cart is an ongoing result of the ordering process designed for the convenience of the customer and the seller. Customer can order and pay for several items at once. Business can save money by processing online transactions and the customer can save money on shipping costs.

The data base is the most important element in shopping cart technology. The database stores all the information about products and customers. When a customer selects a product, a message is sent from the web page to the database in the sever. Applications such as SQL, CGI, ODBC, and ASP are used to connect with the database. These applications find information about the product, and then generate product description.

You can install Shopping cart software directly to the web server. Most instances you will need to provide domain name and the ODBC data source. PerlShop, EasyCart and NetPay are some of the software among hundreds of software used for shopping carts. Some programs provide CGI Scripts that you need to install yourself. Other programs provide templates to guide you through the process of installing and activating a shopping cart. One such software recommended is Shopkeeper Ecommerce Software.

If you use an E-commerce software package to build your website, Shopping cart capabilities are included as part of the package. These range from small business to large scale E-commerce packages.

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