My blog came back with URL Changed

Hi friends, I have to tell you that very strange things happen in this blogspheare. Hide and seek I call it. I was lamenting that my blog disappeared with my URL being taken by someone else. Well My blog appeared in my account with its URL slightly changed.

My previous URL was but my blog returned with its full content with the URL what do you think?  I was telling everybody and posting everywhere about bossyourboss, I got it back but I have a blog called It has not appeared.

My blog ranked high with that URL in search engines. Now I will have to try link love with that blog. Never did it before. It was a long time journey with slow and steady growth. I think I have no option. I have to do a bit of link love.  I am ready to exchange links with anyone with this blog and I will submit my other blog to communities again hoping to exchange link love. Please leave a message if you are willing to exchange links with my blog and I will do the same.Happy blogging!

copyright© All rights Reserved by the Auther. Mahesha Iddagoda

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