Blogging to business

Blogging to business is becoming more popular than ever. It is a cheap method of advertising and also fun. You get exposure to lot of like minded people and if you are a very skilled and creative blogger, you will attract people in no time.Growth of a blog takes time and effort. It depends on how your activities in blogging communities. Participation is essential to become popular. Make lot of friends. Make your posts meaningful and easy to read. People like to read simple and short articles.

You can advertise seminars. Your bargain sales, today’s specials, used items or any service you do locally and mix with local community. Make friends and keep e-mail contact with friends. You can send your blog as your e-mail signature. If you are not doing an online business search for local sites and submit your blog. Locals will respond.

One thing to remember; it takes time for a blog to grow. If you are using a free blogging platform like Blogger or WordPress. How ever it is advisable not to submit your blog to a community until you get a dot com domain. When your URL changes whole community and set of links created to your blog will disappear and you will have to start from scratch again.

copyright© All rights Reserved by the Auther. Mahesha Iddagoda

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