Where to find cheap items to sell on eBay

People sell and bid on eBay in millions. If you are interested in selling and making steady income from eBay, it is not very easy. Most people who sell on eBay are continues sellers who have stores of their own somewhere else. Others are people who have improved slowly and established themselves on eBay.

Used items are sold on eBay at a fast rate. People are willing to buy them for cheaper rates. It is a good idea to search for places to find cheap items.  You might have something in your house that you want to get rid of. Consider garage sales and Sunday flea markets. There are garage sales every week end. You can drive around a bit and find something useful. Flee markets have regular sellers selling items. Talk with them; get their contact numbers so you can arrange a deal with them. 

End of college or university term, most students sell their items and books. Take a look at the college advertisement board. Students advertise their books and items half price or less. Contact them and purchase items.  There are stores selling used items and you can arrange a bargain purchase.

Usually town council has a date for rubbish collection. People keep unwanted items outside their homes. This is the time for free items. People start keeping items two or three days ahead. Just drive round often looking for things and collect items that are usable. Not even your area, Inquire from other town councils also and have fun.  

You do not have to sell on eBay only. Lot of people make a living using this method. They are successful business people.

copyright© All rights Reserved by the Auther. Mahesha Iddagoda

8 thoughts on “Where to find cheap items to sell on eBay

  1. i was really skeptical when I heard people can make money so easily on eBay. It’ll have to take some time. As you’ve said – improved slowly and established themselves on eBay.

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