Link Love

Hi everybody I will exchange links with you if you give a link back to this blog. Please leave a comment and I will link you. I badly need links since this is a new blog. If you read my previous posts you will know why I need links.

I have started a link page where I will add all your links. Please leave a comment if you are willing to exchange links with me.

Happy Blogging.

8 thoughts on “Link Love

  1. It`s an advice from that everything will need some time. You cannot go to top position in few days. That`s possible if any miracles happen. If you continue, sure you will have many links. Just give some time.

  2. Makesha:
    Your point of view is very interisting, I am learning how to sell using internet. I sold some mexican furnitures here in Europe using
    Please, take note of my blog, is in spanish, but I am learning the link process in order to improve my position.

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