Why not submit articles

Article submission is one of the best ways to get traffic to your blog or website. Most people do not try this method but it is very effective. One thing I know is with the article, you place a back link to your blog stating the author biography. This back link is very important for you to rank high in search engines. There is a possibility of people who are in search for articles to include in their ezine may select your article and with that you get another traffic path and also your search engine rank goes high.

It is a very cheap and effective way of advertising. Another thing is that your article will remain on the site for up to maximum six months in the site if approved. You have to wait for a while for your article to get approval. Once you get the approval there you start going. If you are a business blogger, why not check this method. You can submit several articles to get maximum exposure.

If you are not a good writer, get somebody to write an attractive article for you. There is nothing better than an attractive article for people who go in search for article sites. So make sure that your article is a quality one that would be educational and a helpful resource to others.

Below are two article sites I recommend. They have quality content and a variety of categories


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