Creating blog traffic with search engines

When you talk about traffic, to your blog or website, Yahoo, MSN and Google are the best search engines you can think of. Once you submit your article to these search engines their search bots will crawl through and hopefully find your blogSubmitting to Yahoo needs a payment but if you are so eager, then submitting to Yahoo is worthwhile. Google and MSN are easy to submit once you set up an e-mail account with them. You get your own homepage with your e-mail. You only have to follow their directions and submit your feed URL and hopefully wait for awhile until you can find your blog in the search engine.MSN is easy to submit once you create your own homepage with MSN. You can type your URL and if it does not appear, a message comes telling you to submit your URL and that’s it. You’ve got your URL submitted to MSN.I found a site called I do not know how it fully functions. You have to submit your site URL and you get listed in several web directories including main search engines. I think they provide a free trial for main search engines. The other site I fund was It gives you many options. Just have a look. I still have to research these sites.

You can use ping services to submit your blog to directories once you get your blog URL submitted to them, the ping service will send pings for you to all these directories. You do not have to worry over individual submissions.

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