Many businesses want to express their online presence in a professional manner to their clients. Free web hosting platforms are ideal for beginners. My best platforms are wordpress and Blogger. Disadvantage of wordpress is that they do not allow you to display banners and affiliate links if you are not having a paid version. Blogger is different, you can display many banner ads and you feel free. My blog with Blogger disappeared after ranking very high in search engines and later appeared after many appeals and talks with forums with its url changed. Is Blogger safe? Paid version will not have that effect, I agree.


Freewebs offer many pages and blogs as you like. Later you can upgrade to a paid version. I do not recommend this site for beginners to start with. Blogger is the best place for a beginner. Freewebs is a good place for professionals to express themselves and their portfolios. Freelancing professionals can use this site. This provider offers lot of templates that are very attractive and there is a “widget bank” to add what ever you like to your site. You can add and edit contents as you want and you do not need to know HTML.  


Disadvantage is that until you change to a paid version, Freewebs have the right to display their ads and delete any page or your website if you do not abide by their policies of publishing. This is only one platform from many. I am doing research on webhosts. There are many more.


I prefer Blogger or wordpress at any time. They are flexible. The exiting thing about freewebs is that they have a huge variety of templates to choose from.


Compared with Blogger and wordpress, they have very few widgets but you can upgrade your site to a Paid version or a paid e-commerce website. I created an account in freewebs just to check. I think it is ideal for Freelancing professionals to host their websites.   

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