How to use and eCheck with PayPal

You can use an eCheck with PayPal to make payments over Internet. The only disadvantage is the recipient will see your order as unclaimed for about three days.  In order to do a transaction via this method, PayPal will need to verify your bank account. For this you have to sign in for a PayPal account.  

Log in to your PayPal account and click the Send Money option. You will be directed to the form below. 


Enter the recipient’s e-mail address or phone number. Be specific and use the area code. 

Put the amount in the Amount box.

Use the preferred currency

Then click the option for: What you are paying for. 

Click the continue button 

Enter and check your order number and message.  

You will have the options to pay with your PayPal account or eCheck.

Select eCheck option. 

Complete the transaction.  

Your Recipient will be notified by e-mail and if they do not have a PayPal account, they will be prompted to create one and your money will be deposited automatically in their account. 

Happy blogging.  

Christy Interviews the Flower Girl’s Rural India

I am moved to see that Christy, in her writer’s reviews blog has interviewed Sindhu. She is one of my favorite bloggers. Sindhu authors four blogs and her Flower Girl’s Rural India is the best blog of them all. It shows her passion for creativity. Christy has done a very nice interview with Sindhu. Well done Christy.

I feel like mentioning my favorite bloggers apart from Christy and Sindhu. Give me a break. Yes, Surjit in his Gurushabad is one of my favorite bloggers with his little inspirational posts I recommend him as the best inspirational blogger.

Priyanka in her Friendship postcards has a nice blog with lot of friendships and lovely pictures. Nikki is a freelance writer and she writes flowing articles in her Chaos in the country blog

Happy blogging to all of you my fellow bloggers.

Happiness industry

What is happiness anyway? May be it’s not just something you can do with your mind and just tell a person who is very poor and very sick and going thorough a difficult relationship. Is it reasonable to tell them that it is your attitude mate! Come on change your attitude and every thing will be ok?

May be there is something missing. With all the problems in the world, can you be happy? How can you? But Ajhan Brahm says “Come on, get in to happiness industry” with his talk given in Nolamara Western Australia at BSWA. Enjoy and be happy.

Creating blog traffic with search engines

When you talk about traffic, to your blog or website, Yahoo, MSN and Google are the best search engines you can think of. Once you submit your article to these search engines their search bots will crawl through and hopefully find your blogSubmitting to Yahoo needs a payment but if you are so eager, then submitting to Yahoo is worthwhile. Google and MSN are easy to submit once you set up an e-mail account with them. You get your own homepage with your e-mail. You only have to follow their directions and submit your feed URL and hopefully wait for awhile until you can find your blog in the search engine.MSN is easy to submit once you create your own homepage with MSN. You can type your URL and if it does not appear, a message comes telling you to submit your URL and that’s it. You’ve got your URL submitted to MSN.I found a site called I do not know how it fully functions. You have to submit your site URL and you get listed in several web directories including main search engines. I think they provide a free trial for main search engines. The other site I fund was It gives you many options. Just have a look. I still have to research these sites.

You can use ping services to submit your blog to directories once you get your blog URL submitted to them, the ping service will send pings for you to all these directories. You do not have to worry over individual submissions.

Why not submit articles

Article submission is one of the best ways to get traffic to your blog or website. Most people do not try this method but it is very effective. One thing I know is with the article, you place a back link to your blog stating the author biography. This back link is very important for you to rank high in search engines. There is a possibility of people who are in search for articles to include in their ezine may select your article and with that you get another traffic path and also your search engine rank goes high.

It is a very cheap and effective way of advertising. Another thing is that your article will remain on the site for up to maximum six months in the site if approved. You have to wait for a while for your article to get approval. Once you get the approval there you start going. If you are a business blogger, why not check this method. You can submit several articles to get maximum exposure.

If you are not a good writer, get somebody to write an attractive article for you. There is nothing better than an attractive article for people who go in search for article sites. So make sure that your article is a quality one that would be educational and a helpful resource to others.

Below are two article sites I recommend. They have quality content and a variety of categories

Advantages of an E-Check

As I stated in my earlier article, E-Check is an electronic version of a paper check. E-Cheque writer writs the check using electronic means and gives the check to the payee. Payee then deposits the E-Check, receives credit and the payee’s bank clears the E-Check to the paying bank. Paying bank validates the check and charges the check writer’s account.

E-Checks can be handled by all account holders large or small. Other payment options are too risky for an average person doing small business. E-Checks can be used with existing checking accounts and can be initiated using variety of hardware and Software applications.

E-Checks are based on the Financial Services Mark up Language (FSML) and have strong digital signatures. These checks are based on secure hardware tokens such as smart cards and contain digital certificates to use in banking and business practices.

E-Checks have the highest security so that even breaking the cryptographic protections would not allow fraudulent transactions.

In future E-Checks will be more popular with customers because of the easily understandable nature, easy to process and extremely safe nature. E-Checks fall under the legal framework because banks are providing the leadership, controlling the process and payment mechanism.

Why use an E-Check?

Electronic Check is the safest payment option via Internet today. No matter how many convenient banking and payment options out there today over Internet E-Check is the safest. Although we talk about an E-Check very rarely, it is a core competency in the banking industry.

An E-Check eliminates the need for expensive processing. It works in the same manner as a paper check with few manual steps. Most important factor is the High security compared to other payment methods.

An E-Check can be used by any one who has a checking account in a bank. This is a way of convenient transaction for small businesses that have little access to electronic payment systems.

An E-check provides the same information as a paper check and it is based on the same legal framework as a paper check. E-Check can be linked with unlimited information and exchanged directly between parties. This can be used to do all the remote transactions that a paper check does today.

Small businesses that have websites can use E-Check and PayPal together offering more options to the customer. I will be back with more information with my next article on E-Checks.

Until then, Happy Blogging.

Why spend more than you budgeted for?

Most companies find out their expenses have exceeded the budget they planed for the year. This can happen because of administrative matters. Employee salary increase not recorded or most instances by increased advertising fees and not choosing a shipper that could meet their shipping budget.  

For selecting a shipper you have to go through a shipper database to find out their conditions and rates. You can go to and find out their method and they have easy tools for shipping. Compare with other shippers as well. Always be careful in selecting your shipper.  

Advertising is the other problem your budget would get an unexpected increase. There are lot of free advertising options. Select them and try to use them often as possible.  Blogging, Article submission, Local notice boards, Forums are cheap advertising tools. Limit your budget by selecting less expensive advertising while keeping one or two main paid advertising programmes. But if you are a starter and cannot spend money on advertising, above methods are the most effective.  

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