Welcome 2017. Let’s start over again with a smile.

I have been a lousy writer for many years. I mercilessly let my blog behind and for many years. Colouring my future is up to me. So I am back again. Ups and downs of past years are packed in a suitcase and left behind. The blank page of 2017 is slowly starting to colour. I do not plan my future. It happens. Making it a better and a colourful year is up to me.

With this resolution let’s start back. I will do my best to contribute to the future of beauty. Cheers!


2017 Journey begins.


Christy Interviews the Flower Girl’s Rural India

I am moved to see that Christy, in her writer’s reviews blog has interviewed Sindhu. She is one of my favorite bloggers. Sindhu authors four blogs and her Flower Girl’s Rural India is the best blog of them all. It shows her passion for creativity. Christy has done a very nice interview with Sindhu. Well done Christy.

I feel like mentioning my favorite bloggers apart from Christy and Sindhu. Give me a break. Yes, Surjit in his Gurushabad is one of my favorite bloggers with his little inspirational posts I recommend him as the best inspirational blogger.

Priyanka in her Friendship postcards has a nice blog with lot of friendships and lovely pictures. Nikki is a freelance writer and she writes flowing articles in her Chaos in the country blog

Happy blogging to all of you my fellow bloggers.

Creating blog traffic with search engines

When you talk about traffic, to your blog or website, Yahoo, MSN and Google are the best search engines you can think of. Once you submit your article to these search engines their search bots will crawl through and hopefully find your blogSubmitting to Yahoo needs a payment but if you are so eager, then submitting to Yahoo is worthwhile. Google and MSN are easy to submit once you set up an e-mail account with them. You get your own homepage with your e-mail. You only have to follow their directions and submit your feed URL and hopefully wait for awhile until you can find your blog in the search engine.MSN is easy to submit once you create your own homepage with MSN. You can type your URL and if it does not appear, a message comes telling you to submit your URL and that’s it. You’ve got your URL submitted to MSN.I found a site called http://www.freewebsubmission.com. I do not know how it fully functions. You have to submit your site URL and you get listed in several web directories including main search engines. I think they provide a free trial for main search engines. The other site I fund was http://www.exactseek.com. It gives you many options. Just have a look. I still have to research these sites.

You can use ping services to submit your blog to directories once you get your blog URL submitted to them, the ping service will send pings for you to all these directories. You do not have to worry over individual submissions.

Blogging to business

Blogging to business is becoming more popular than ever. It is a cheap method of advertising and also fun. You get exposure to lot of like minded people and if you are a very skilled and creative blogger, you will attract people in no time.Growth of a blog takes time and effort. It depends on how your activities in blogging communities. Participation is essential to become popular. Make lot of friends. Make your posts meaningful and easy to read. People like to read simple and short articles.

You can advertise seminars. Your bargain sales, today’s specials, used items or any service you do locally and mix with local community. Make friends and keep e-mail contact with friends. You can send your blog as your e-mail signature. If you are not doing an online business search for local sites and submit your blog. Locals will respond.

One thing to remember; it takes time for a blog to grow. If you are using a free blogging platform like Blogger or WordPress. How ever it is advisable not to submit your blog to a community until you get a dot com domain. When your URL changes whole community and set of links created to your blog will disappear and you will have to start from scratch again.

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My blog came back with URL Changed

Hi friends, I have to tell you that very strange things happen in this blogspheare. Hide and seek I call it. I was lamenting that my blog disappeared with my URL being taken by someone else. Well My blog appeared in my account with its URL slightly changed.

My previous URL was http://bossyourboss.blogspot.com but my blog returned with its full content with the URL http://bossyourboss9.blogspot.com what do you think?  I was telling everybody and posting everywhere about bossyourboss, I got it back but I have a blog called http://kurrykitchen.blogspot.com It has not appeared.

My blog ranked high with that URL in search engines. Now I will have to try link love with that blog. Never did it before. It was a long time journey with slow and steady growth. I think I have no option. I have to do a bit of link love.  I am ready to exchange links with anyone with this blog and I will submit my other blog to communities again hoping to exchange link love. Please leave a message if you are willing to exchange links with my blog and I will do the same.Happy blogging!

copyright© All rights Reserved by the Auther. Mahesha Iddagoda

Prevent people from steeling your content

Recently after loosing my blog I was searching for solutions and reading many blogs on how to prevent content theft. After loosing my Blogger account I started my old wordpress blog again. WordPress seems very difficult to use. But when you follow the tutorials you can get to know it better.

I am still following tutorials and learning. The discussion board is very active and I find it very helpful. Most people using Blogger even after they loose their blog, start a new blog again with Blogger simply because WordPress is difficult. I agree, but give it a try and you will find it very interesting.

I think you fellow bloggers should reed these articles on How not to blog and what do you do when someone steels your content?.

Let’s continue blogging.