Welcome 2017. Let’s start over again with a smile.

I have been a lousy writer for many years. I mercilessly let my blog behind and for many years. Colouring my future is up to me. So I am back again. Ups and downs of past years are packed in a suitcase and left behind. The blank page of 2017 is slowly starting to colour. I do not plan my future. It happens. Making it a better and a colourful year is up to me.

With this resolution let’s start back. I will do my best to contribute to the future of beauty. Cheers!


2017 Journey begins.

Tribute to Jhāna Grove

Secluded from the hustle and bustle of the city, on top of a mountain in Serpentine Western Australia, stands the beautiful and the most peaceful place I have ever been. Bodhinyana Monastery. One who has visited this place feels like staying there forever. Venerable Ajhan Brahmawamso, the much loved abbot and the spiritual director of the Buddhist Society of WA, has taken the step to build a meditation retreat centre near the monastery to help the lay people to experience the bliss of peace and solitude to get a relief from the stress of working to earn a living. Anyone near the sangha feels the peace and calmness of the environment. I have experienced it and I hope others will too.  May this project be able to finish quickly. There are lot of people waiting to go on a ten day retreat but cannot afford the price of accommodation. This retreat centre will be free for the stay, but kind donations will be valued. Please read the following article about Jhāna Groove; meditation retreat centre and its pictures.

Yahoo Questions and Answers

I could not be regular with my articles these days because My ISP had a problem. Well, I am back again. My post today is different from all the e-commerce articles I have written so far. I want to write about something different to make a change. Until I come up with some e-commerce articles I hope you will enjoy reading this one about yahoo questions and answers.

I find Yahoo Questions and Answers very interesting and well organised. I still have to familiarise myself to Yahoo Q&A. This has helped me find answers to several questions and I have answered to others as well. My answers have been chosen as best answer several times.

This is a group where you can ask questions and also answer other people’s questions as well. You can also make friends with others. Yahoo has organised it in a very nice and user friendly way. All you have to have is a yahoo e-mail account. Then you get your own yahoo page to interact with people. You can write your blog entries here as well.

In the questions and answers area you have to select the category your question belongs to. Then publish your question. People visiting the area will notice your question and if they can help, they will answer your question. There is a probability of finding a good solution to your question. This has helped me several times.

You can answer others in return as a favour. And you will also earn points to increase your ranking in this group by answering to questions. Check Yahoo questions and see if there is any question you can answer. If you find one, just answer from your general knowledge. Who knows, your answer might become the best answer. There are open questions and closed questions as well. Closed questions are questions that have been already answered and the person who asked the question has selected an answer as the best answer.

What you have to do is, Publish your question and wait for some time, you might have to wait a week or two. And check weather people have answered to your questions. If you find a satisfactory answer to your question, just select that answer and that becomes the best answer. The person who answered to your question earns points to increase his or her ranking.

I find Yahoo questions and answers page very interesting. Visiting yahoo Q&A at least once a week, gives me something to think about.