Welcome 2017. Let’s start over again with a smile.

I have been a lousy writer for many years. I mercilessly let my blog behind and for many years. Colouring my future is up to me. So I am back again. Ups and downs of past years are packed in a suitcase and left behind. The blank page of 2017 is slowly starting to colour. I do not plan my future. It happens. Making it a better and a colourful year is up to me.

With this resolution let’s start back. I will do my best to contribute to the future of beauty. Cheers!


2017 Journey begins.

Happiness industry

What is happiness anyway? May be it’s not just something you can do with your mind and just tell a person who is very poor and very sick and going thorough a difficult relationship. Is it reasonable to tell them that it is your attitude mate! Come on change your attitude and every thing will be ok?

May be there is something missing. With all the problems in the world, can you be happy? How can you? But Ajhan Brahm says “Come on, get in to happiness industry” with his talk given in Nolamara Western Australia at BSWA. Enjoy and be happy.