Join the E-marketplace

Small businesses that plan to sell their products or services online, must consider a range of issues before they start their E-commerce plan.

Some businesses according to their requirements minimize their involvement by joining the e-market place, where another business will purchase their products and sell it for them.  That means, if you have services or products to offer, another business will purchase them from you and sell it for you.

You do not have to worry about your marketing campaign. More buyers you connect to, more business you make. What you have to do is, send your product to the buyer’s destination or provide your service according to the buyer’s requirements.

There are many e-market places having various business strategies. They might act as arbitrators. E-marketplaces offer services such as business directory listings and Electronic catalogues.

Top market places to join are those that tender low cost financial accounting systems and connect with other market places.


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Independent e-marketplace

Buyer-oriented e-marketplace

Supplier-oriented e-marketplace








Many businesses want to express their online presence in a professional manner to their clients. Free web hosting platforms are ideal for beginners. My best platforms are wordpress and Blogger. Disadvantage of wordpress is that they do not allow you to display banners and affiliate links if you are not having a paid version. Blogger is different, you can display many banner ads and you feel free. My blog with Blogger disappeared after ranking very high in search engines and later appeared after many appeals and talks with forums with its url changed. Is Blogger safe? Paid version will not have that effect, I agree.


Freewebs offer many pages and blogs as you like. Later you can upgrade to a paid version. I do not recommend this site for beginners to start with. Blogger is the best place for a beginner. Freewebs is a good place for professionals to express themselves and their portfolios. Freelancing professionals can use this site. This provider offers lot of templates that are very attractive and there is a “widget bank” to add what ever you like to your site. You can add and edit contents as you want and you do not need to know HTML.  


Disadvantage is that until you change to a paid version, Freewebs have the right to display their ads and delete any page or your website if you do not abide by their policies of publishing. This is only one platform from many. I am doing research on webhosts. There are many more.


I prefer Blogger or wordpress at any time. They are flexible. The exiting thing about freewebs is that they have a huge variety of templates to choose from.


Compared with Blogger and wordpress, they have very few widgets but you can upgrade your site to a Paid version or a paid e-commerce website. I created an account in freewebs just to check. I think it is ideal for Freelancing professionals to host their websites.   

Tribute to Jhāna Grove

Secluded from the hustle and bustle of the city, on top of a mountain in Serpentine Western Australia, stands the beautiful and the most peaceful place I have ever been. Bodhinyana Monastery. One who has visited this place feels like staying there forever. Venerable Ajhan Brahmawamso, the much loved abbot and the spiritual director of the Buddhist Society of WA, has taken the step to build a meditation retreat centre near the monastery to help the lay people to experience the bliss of peace and solitude to get a relief from the stress of working to earn a living. Anyone near the sangha feels the peace and calmness of the environment. I have experienced it and I hope others will too.  May this project be able to finish quickly. There are lot of people waiting to go on a ten day retreat but cannot afford the price of accommodation. This retreat centre will be free for the stay, but kind donations will be valued. Please read the following article about Jhāna Groove; meditation retreat centre and its pictures.

How to use and eCheck with PayPal

You can use an eCheck with PayPal to make payments over Internet. The only disadvantage is the recipient will see your order as unclaimed for about three days.  In order to do a transaction via this method, PayPal will need to verify your bank account. For this you have to sign in for a PayPal account.  

Log in to your PayPal account and click the Send Money option. You will be directed to the form below. 


Enter the recipient’s e-mail address or phone number. Be specific and use the area code. 

Put the amount in the Amount box.

Use the preferred currency

Then click the option for: What you are paying for. 

Click the continue button 

Enter and check your order number and message.  

You will have the options to pay with your PayPal account or eCheck.

Select eCheck option. 

Complete the transaction.  

Your Recipient will be notified by e-mail and if they do not have a PayPal account, they will be prompted to create one and your money will be deposited automatically in their account. 

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Christy Interviews the Flower Girl’s Rural India

I am moved to see that Christy, in her writer’s reviews blog has interviewed Sindhu. She is one of my favorite bloggers. Sindhu authors four blogs and her Flower Girl’s Rural India is the best blog of them all. It shows her passion for creativity. Christy has done a very nice interview with Sindhu. Well done Christy.

I feel like mentioning my favorite bloggers apart from Christy and Sindhu. Give me a break. Yes, Surjit in his Gurushabad is one of my favorite bloggers with his little inspirational posts I recommend him as the best inspirational blogger.

Priyanka in her Friendship postcards has a nice blog with lot of friendships and lovely pictures. Nikki is a freelance writer and she writes flowing articles in her Chaos in the country blog

Happy blogging to all of you my fellow bloggers.

Happiness industry

What is happiness anyway? May be it’s not just something you can do with your mind and just tell a person who is very poor and very sick and going thorough a difficult relationship. Is it reasonable to tell them that it is your attitude mate! Come on change your attitude and every thing will be ok?

May be there is something missing. With all the problems in the world, can you be happy? How can you? But Ajhan Brahm says “Come on, get in to happiness industry” with his talk given in Nolamara Western Australia at BSWA. Enjoy and be happy.

Creating blog traffic with search engines

When you talk about traffic, to your blog or website, Yahoo, MSN and Google are the best search engines you can think of. Once you submit your article to these search engines their search bots will crawl through and hopefully find your blogSubmitting to Yahoo needs a payment but if you are so eager, then submitting to Yahoo is worthwhile. Google and MSN are easy to submit once you set up an e-mail account with them. You get your own homepage with your e-mail. You only have to follow their directions and submit your feed URL and hopefully wait for awhile until you can find your blog in the search engine.MSN is easy to submit once you create your own homepage with MSN. You can type your URL and if it does not appear, a message comes telling you to submit your URL and that’s it. You’ve got your URL submitted to MSN.I found a site called I do not know how it fully functions. You have to submit your site URL and you get listed in several web directories including main search engines. I think they provide a free trial for main search engines. The other site I fund was It gives you many options. Just have a look. I still have to research these sites.

You can use ping services to submit your blog to directories once you get your blog URL submitted to them, the ping service will send pings for you to all these directories. You do not have to worry over individual submissions.