Catalogue interoperability

This post relates to my previous post about “why you should have a catalogue”. 


Supplier Hubs is a supplier managed hosted catalogue interoperability service. They aggregate mass data from supplier catalogues, clean and decode those data into standard of other catalogues. After decoding, resellers can access supplier catalogues in a standard format.


Some resellers have complicated procurement systems that can access supplier data. Catalogue item master file will be automatically picked up and data will be arranged according to the reseller’s system instantly.


As a supplier, you can host your own catalogue and let your buyers access it online. This can also be automated.





Tribute to Jhāna Grove

Secluded from the hustle and bustle of the city, on top of a mountain in Serpentine Western Australia, stands the beautiful and the most peaceful place I have ever been. Bodhinyana Monastery. One who has visited this place feels like staying there forever. Venerable Ajhan Brahmawamso, the much loved abbot and the spiritual director of the Buddhist Society of WA, has taken the step to build a meditation retreat centre near the monastery to help the lay people to experience the bliss of peace and solitude to get a relief from the stress of working to earn a living. Anyone near the sangha feels the peace and calmness of the environment. I have experienced it and I hope others will too.  May this project be able to finish quickly. There are lot of people waiting to go on a ten day retreat but cannot afford the price of accommodation. This retreat centre will be free for the stay, but kind donations will be valued. Please read the following article about Jhāna Groove; meditation retreat centre and its pictures.